Our Team

Our Team

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall


Member of the Omaha Beach Golf Club from 1997 who has witnessed the golf course development from 9 hole beach course to an 18 hole New Zealand and internationally recognised course.


Kevin Weston



Nicola Jamieson

Vice President


Bryn Jamieson



Bruce Stone



John Kinley

Men's Club Captain


Aprile Everett


Aprile Everett

Ladies Captain

A teacher and a passionate golfer, I have been around a golf course all my life as my Dad was the greenkeeper at Wellsford for many, many years. I love golf, I love to help people play golf, and I love seeing young and old enjoying the benefits of golf.  My teaching and golfing background help provide me with the skills to help others enjoy this remarkable game. And with Omaha Beach Golf Club providing such a beautiful surrounding and landscape, makes golf a very happy place to be.​


Committee Members

Geoff Smith
Mike Ryff
Tony Gorton
Will Selles


Sue Jury

General Manager


Corey Willcox

Course Superintendent


Life Members

Bill Abraham, Michael Dowd, Lorna 
Kjestrup, Ron McMahon, Jean Stewart, 
Peter Turner

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North West Anchorage,
Omaha Beach, New Zealand

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"Arguably the number one stop on the NZ PGA circuit" - Phil Leishman 2013


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