Dress Code

Dress Code

At Omaha Beach Golf Club we embrace the casual beach attitude however there are some minimum standards of dress expected both on and off the golf course.

On the Course

Club Officials and the Pro Shop staff have full justification to uphold dress standards on the course and at their discretion, may ask any person on the course to dress appropriately in keeping with the following standards:



Trousers, skirts or shorts and recognized golf apparel.


Collared shirts, casual/golf trousers, casual/dress golf shorts and recognized golf apparel.



Golf shoes should be worn although flat-soled athletic/running shoes are acceptable.

No metal spiked golf shoes are permitted – soft spikes only.


Not Permitted on the Course

Tatty/torn/ripped jeans, jandals, athletic/running shoes with spikes and touch rugby shoes.


In the Clubhouse

A reasonable standard of dress is expected at all times. Club Officials and the Clubhouse Manager on duty have the Club’s authority to ensure that members and patrons of the Club are appropriately dressed at all times.

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